Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy is intended to govern the way the administrator processes information, including STEMrv users' personal details, as well as other information arising from the use of STEMrv. The document forms an integral part of the Terms of Use and of the agreement concluded by the User when registering with STEMrv.

Personal Data

By supplying personal data, the user declares that it is human and not a ROBOT, decides to process the data in order to maintain the user account and better deliver the services. At the time of sign-up, the user can view / review/edit the information provided. With the exception in particular cases admitted by statute, the controller is not permitted to report sensitive details to any third party.

The administrator retains the right to only collect and handle personal data from the entrusted non-commercial partners. The user may order the cancellation of the account at any period of time; the withdrawal of personal data demanded by the user would avoid using the services. The controller is not responsible for the actions of any unauthorized user, for the storage and retrieval of personal data; and holds no responsibility for sharing the personal data by the unauthorized individuals. In such cases, the execution will be under the state and federal law.

User Account

Access to the content is open to registered users. All operations on the website, such as writing comments/posts, require the registration of a user account and are only available to logged-in users. To register, the user needs to enter information, including email and password. They are used to defend the account from unauthorised entry. The administrator may record information about the use of the website by the user, specifically the content of the website viewed by the user, and information about other users with which the user interacts.

Having an account, a registered user can update or correct information concerning his/her personal profile at any time.

Content (Videos/Materials) Upload

The user is solely responsible for the videos uploaded from his/her account. The uploaded video may be reviewed by the STEMrv administrator before it is available to be viewed by the users. STEMrv users can view all the posts and comments made on the videos.

Content Utilization

Personal information published on the site can be used for the maintenance, sharing and development of the website and its contents. To store user information, the administrator uses cookies so that it is not necessary to re-enter it during subsequent visits to the website, provide customized, personalized content and information and to control aggregate metrics, such as the total number of visitors, and pages viewed.

Public Data

Depending on the user's account setting, other users can see the user's name/userID while performing various actions performed on the website including but not limited to posting comments. Users can communicate with each other through posts/comments. Users will not be able to redistribute the content using the Internet or other channels. The access is restricted to unregistered users and only the registered users can view the content.


Companies/ Industries / Institutions/Organizations can display ads on the website if they fulfil the advertising requirements of the administrator. Without the user's permission, the administrator does not send any personal details to these companies' international servers or networks. Any data collected and made available to the website by third-party advertisement servers shall be processed in compliance with this privacy policy.

More Information

For more information about our privacy protection policies, please contact the admin at, or use the form available on the website: